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A do-it-yourself product that you can use at home and is totally.

It was originally used for coating tool handles, but the variety of applications for it has grown exponentially.Because you have plasti dip on your car and it is far cheaper than paint, you can be slightly more careless when washing.

Kits include sprayable Plasti dip, protective gear, and masking equipment for a complete, ready to go kit.

Plasti Dip is a spray-on rubberized coating that can completely change the look of your Stang.Plasti dip is a durable, rubber coating that protects your car.My buddies plasti-dip whole cars with the spray gun kit, and they look just fine.A black grille is by far the easiest way to add some unique menace to literally any car.

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Change the color of your wheels, trim, bumpers, mirrors, roofs, antennas, body panels, whole cars, motorcycles and ATVs.

If you are using gallons and a gun, keep the gallons and gun indoors when not spraying or inbetween coats.We are recognized worldwide for our American made, high quality rubberized coatings, sealants, and adhesives.Plasti Dip is a sprayable wrap that provides a long lasting, scratch resistant coating to your car.Plasti Dip is a synthetic rubber based product and excellent for many automotive detailing projects such as coating your wheels, detailing interior parts, and many more applications.

Full car dips to emblems, complete details to washes We do full vehicle detailing and Plasti Dip in Pittsburgh.

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Plasti Dip Spray in a gallon-sized container to Plasti Dip Spray in a gallon-sized container to be used for automotive purposes only.It just looks cool and can totally alter the entire nose appearance for the better.Plasti dip is a substance utilized for wheels and cars to protect their original surfaces during the winter season.Plasti dip is a unique matte colour rubber coating that applied onto a car surface.

Plasti Dip Metalizer and Fractal Wood Burning meet up for the first time.Re: Plasti-Dip your car November 21st, 2012, 12:33 PM A part of me is horrified, and another part wants to dope slap the presenter for his technique, but I can see this as an excellent way to get the results he wants.

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Although we dont recomend it, Plasti Dip has been known to ALMOST always make it through car washes when applied correctly.I am going to assume the can, because I can see all the spray marks.